Uso de tablets para el envejecimiento activoAgeing with tablets

Los dispositivos tablets y otros similares como los «smartphone» se han extendido de manera generalizada en los últimos tiempos.
En el caso de la personas mayores comienza a ser habitual su uso: and similar devices such as smart-phones are becoming usual in many contexts more and more.
Elderly people are no an exception and these devices are part of technologies that are supporting aging:

Some opinions are critical with the role of tablets in this context:

But there is a general agreement in the idea of a «connected aging»:

Maybe the type of device can be discussed:

Surely, tablets are making technology easier to swallow
Ageing readers, start taking the tablet – if only for the sake of your eyes–if-only-for-the-sake-of-your-eyes-20130212-2e9hl.html

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